The Disney College Program

Hey guys, just a personal update from your friendly blogger! Guess what opened up today? Guess! Guess! Guess!

If you haven’t personally met or talked to me, I have been obsessing over the Disney College Program, or DCP, since before I started college. I was first exposed to it when my sister Marie (fake name) went and participated in it for a semester. The concept is SOOOOO exciting for any Disney fanatic. Who wouldn’t want to go work at Walt Disney World Resort?!?! (Yep, I am so excited that I am using incorrect grammar!)

Considering my recent re-injury (I hit my knee again at work), I have one big light of happiness and hope right now. THE APPLICATIONS OPENED UP FOR THE DCP TODAY! I am so so so so pumped. I have been waiting for months to apply. So, what did I do after I finished all of my online class assignments? I APPLIED! I even got the confirmation email that my application was accepted and is being processed.

“Dear Kayla,

Thank you for taking the time to apply to the Disney College Program. We receive an overwhelming response each season and are excited to review your information to learn more about you…”


(Mind you, I realize that I could get notification that I am not accepted or that they don’t want to interview with me. But, hey there’s still a chance I will get picked for an interview! There’s a chance I will get selected for the program!)

I don’t think anyone realizes just how much I want this. It may only be a 5-8 month internship (plus any extensions), but this is a good thing. This would be me getting the opportunity to work for a company I absolutely love. I would be able to make somebody’s vacation better. I would be able to make a difference. Plus, I would be moving in a forward direction despite my knee being messed up. That’s something I feel I’ve been lacking since the original injury. Sure, I may not be able to audition for a character role until after the internship is over (to give my knee time to heal) but I can live with that.

So, please please PLEASE keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

Thanks guys,


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