Social Media Fast: Half-Time Report

Hello all, so, this post is a little delayed. I wrote it on the 22nd but I didn’t get the chance to post it until today because I have honestly been so ridiculously busy. So, I am going to change the amount of days noted on here.

Anyways, 24 days ago I embarked on a fun challenge! I went on a hiatus from all social media except Skype and Youtube. I took this opportunity to try out new hobbies and experiences. So I am taking this chance (half way through my 1 and ½ month fast (half way was the 22nd)) to reflect on the fun and new things I’ve done over this period of time!

New and/or rediscovered hobbies:

Well obviously, my first new hobby is BLOGGING! 😀 Yay! I have enjoyed the process of brainstorming and writing these posts. And it is always wonderful to see the support from both friends and strangers. I love looking at the stats for views and viewership. I am so elated that I have people from Spain, Germany, Australia, and the U.S. reading my posts. I have 11 subscribers and over 200 views. To think, this blog has been running for less than a month!

The second new hobby is watching movies I’ve never heard of on Netflix. Netflix has a ton of movies, some independent, some big name, multiple that I haven’t actually heard about. For some reason, I have gotten hooked on watching movies I haven’t been exposed to. Many of these movies, I have no clue why they aren’t more popular. For example, I loved the movie Waiting for Forever. And the movie Keith was absolutely brilliant. If it weren’t for my experimenting with new hobbies, I probably wouldn’t have ever watched them. I’m glad I did though.

The first thing I absolutely rediscovered my love for is the library. This may seem rather dorky of me but I have visited the library so much over the past 24 days. I have checked out and devoured over 20 different books. Some of them were a hit, some were a miss. But, I still read every single one of them. My personal recommendations are that you should definitely read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green and The Pledge by Kimberly Derting. The two I seriously wouldn’t recommend to anyone are Looking for Alaska by John Green and The F-It List by Julie Halpern.

The second thing I rediscovered my love for is a story line that I wanted to write a few months back. With the extra time, the story randomly popped into my head again and I absolutely can’t get it out. I think I may actually start writing it just to get it out of my mind.

Time better spent:

I have gotten the chance to hang out with and talk to so many people that I thought had forgotten me. I Skyped my sister who lives in Turkey and got caught up with her. I chatted with some of my friends from theatre in Ramstein. That was so much fun and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until after I got off with them. I also took the time to get things in my life a lot more organized. Even though my life has gotten pretty stressful with my medical appointments, classes, work, budgeting, etc., I now have a better idea of when and how things are happening. I started carrying around a little planner that has all of my dates and times written down. I have browsed new topics and gotten hooked on some that I didn’t necessarily expect to enjoy. I also took time to realize the little things in life. There are many details that we miss when we are spending all our spare time procrastinating and doing fillers. And lastly, I have developed a confidence about myself which I didn’t have before. I have taken this time to get to know myself better and even when it’s been hard, I feel more secure in who I am and what I enjoy.

New experiences:

So, one of the things I challenged myself to do while on my fast is try new things. I didn’t just want to try new hobbies, I wanted to figure out more things I liked and didn’t like. Most times I go to work, I go to Starbucks and read/drink coffee beforehand. Every single time I have been to Starbucks since this fast begun, I have tried a new drink. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something entirely different. But it has to have some unknown element to it. Sometimes, I let the barista surprise me. I tell them to choose what they like. More so, I have tried new styles. I am not usually one to enjoy shopping or enjoy trying on clothes, but two weeks ago I went into Maurices and tried on all the clothes I wouldn’t normally even take a second glance at. I found my new favorite shirt by doing that. I also tried on a few pink shirts. As many of you know, I have a serious aversion to that color; however, I can now report that I own 2 pink shirts that I actually like. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I am about to go all pink-girly-flowery-preppy or anything similar to that. But, I wanted to try something new and I did. Lastly, I actually struck up a conversation with a few strangers. As an introvert, I usually avoid this at all costs. I hate talking a lot in general but this was probably the most out of my comfort zone I could usually go. Surprisingly, I met some really nice people. I had some interesting conversations. I still don’t like talking, but I think I’ll try to be a little less closed off.

Alright, so there is my half-time report for this adventure. I’ll be intrigued to see if I try any other new things in the rest of my fast.

Thanks for reading all you lovely, wonderful viewers!


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