Effort Really Does Count

Throughout all of my schooling, I have only ever taken online classes once before. This previous experience with online classes was really terrible. Because I was in high school at the time, the online class was not formatted like a regular online class. I did not have the luxury of working ahead if I finished early. I didn’t get to choose the pace at which I completed assignments. I was required to have a frequent communication with my teacher. It didn’t help that I had a teacher who could not communicate well and didn’t have a good grasp on the technology which the online class required. Furthermore, I and other students had to petition for assignments of ours to be dropped because my teacher not only didn’t show up for our scheduled meetings (and she would dock us points for that), but she would list different due dates than she’d tell us. This would prevent us from being able to turn in assignments.

Needless to say, I was disinclined to ever take an online class again after that. Then, I injured my knee. Initially, I was expected to be healed enough to go back to classes on campus this semester. However, my knee progressively got worse. It began buckling and locking and clicking, and the doctors didn’t know what to do to fix it. This led to me having a second work accident because my knee buckled out from underneath me. So, last minute, I had to change ALL my classes to online classes.

This freaked me out. What if I had professors who weren’t organized and prepared enough to do online classes? What if I’m unable to work at my own pace (which is typically a lot faster than others’)? What if this turns out terribly and I fail all of my classes?

Well, I am happy to report that all my stressing was for naught. I have figured out that as long as you have a teacher with experience in the online format, you are responsible, and you put forth your best work, online classes really aren’t all that bad. Mind you, these are college classes so they aren’t EASY; but, they are manageable. Effort and good work definitely count to your professor. If you go the extra mile, you will be rewarded.

So, thanks to everyone who believed I’d be able to do it. My hard work has already earned me a 100 or higher in all of my classes. I have gotten extra credit on things I didn’t even know I could get it on just for doing my research and doing my absolute best. And while I don’t do all this for the attention, I am glad to be recognized for always putting in the effort and not settling for just “passing.”

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