The Female Superhero/Supervillain Conundrum

So, I know it’s a month and a half away from now but I have recently been brainstorming ideas as to what I could be for Halloween. For me, this is always really fun to do because I often go all out on Halloween. Last year, because I was being Harley Quinn, I temp. dyed half of my head black and half of my head red for part of my costume. It took 4 days of washing my hair to get it all out. But, to me, it was absolutely worth it. It was tons of fun and I looked great in my costume.

This year I have hit a brick wall. I like to dress up as characters from my favorite shows and comics and games. But, as I was looking through characters, I noticed that 90% of strong and powerful women in comic books and anime all have completely unattainable bodies. Their costumes show off almost every bit of their skin. They are drawn that way simply to ramp up the sex appeal. My question is WHY?

Despite popular belief, there are a large portion of females that are very much into “nerd culture,” as it’s become known. I personally am a die-hard fan of Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Marvel comics. I watch Dr. Who. I play video games and watch anime (I’m not as huge of an anime fan as others). Believe it or not, I’ve even played D&D and Magic the Gathering. I know so many women like me that are a part of these fandoms, and deal with the same issue that I do. If we want to dress like our favorite characters for Halloween, we walk around scantily clad or in head-to-toe spandex.

If these women are like me, and live in places where it snows before Halloween, how are we supposed to dress like this and not freeze to death? Or even if they live in Florida, if they aren’t comfortable showing that much skin, how are they supposed to dress like these characters?

It is ridiculous. In comic books and anime, most all the female characters have DD boobs and a 22 inch waist. The women in comic books are either damsels in distress or they look nothing like an actually woman would. The “nerd culture” is drawn and created to appeal to men. I hate to break it to comic book illustrators, but women don’t typically look like that. And in a world where an average of 40% of Comic Con visitors are females, we should be able to represent a woman properly in comic books. We have different body shapes. We can be powerful and wear clothes that cover more than 20% of our body. It’s impressive really.

So, since I don’t feel like wearing very little clothes, what will I be for Halloween? I have absolutely no clue. I guess I’ll have to go for video game and movie characters instead. I’d go all out Samus but I don’t have the ability or time to build that suit. O.o

5 thoughts on “The Female Superhero/Supervillain Conundrum

    1. I’ve already done Katniss so I’m avoiding that one. I don’t watch Fairy Tale (though it’s on my list of things I need to watch). I am actually not too big a fan of Naruto, I prefer InuYasha. I am considering Sango but I don’t know how I’d make her costume. I could feasibly be Tris, all I need for that is black clothing for Dauntless and makeup for her tattoo. And Korra would be another one where I’d have to be able to make or find the costume.


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