International Perspectives Class/My Favorite Foreign Music

Preface: Sorry for the weird formatting of the list, I have tried fixing it multiple times and it won’t change.

Since I am taking an international perspectives class this semester (it’s a university requirement) I have learned just how very rare it is for someone to have left their home town let alone the country. Most of my classmates have lived in the same state their whole life. They live a half hour away from all their family. They go to the same restaurants, movies, theatres. Most of my classmates have never seen a real geisha, or an aboriginal didgeridoo, or an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock. They’ve never seen Hiroshima or the concentration camps. They are unfortunately blinded by their inability to travel.

Living the life of a military brat has left me very fortunate. Although, I didn’t necessarily enjoy the moving around all the time, leaving friends, and starting at new schools, I was INCREDIBLY lucky to have lived in multiple countries and visit more places than I could count. Travelling let me experience new cultures and languages. I learned about international perspectives and I made friends from entirely different backgrounds than I had. And one of the biggest thing I gained was a love for music of all different languages. (My favorites have to be Portuguese, Swahili, and Gaelic!)

So, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favorite songs and second favorite songs from all different languages. Some have a little bit of English in them; however, I tried to choose songs that were solely of the language. I am excited to see what you all think! Anyways, I hope you likee the music as much as I do! Let me know any of your favorites songs of different languages!

Portuguese:                                                     Ai Se Eu Tu Pego by Michel Teló

Honorable mention:                          Aquarela do Brasil by Francisco Alves

German:                                             Neunundneunzig Luftballoons by Nena

Honorable mention:                                Du Hast by Rammstein

Italian/Neopolitan:                                  Con Te Partiro by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

Honorable mention(s):                        Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano (Original) by Renato Carosone                                                                             We No Speak Americano (Samples Tu Vuò Fa’ L’Americano) by Yolanda Be Cool and DCup

Spanish:                                                Quizàs, Quizàs, Quizàs by Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Lopez

Honorable mention:                             Oye Como Va by Santana

Swahili:                                                        Jambo Bwana by Moi University Choir

Honorable mention:                             O Sifuni Mungu by First Call  (even if you aren’t religious, this song is still really awesome just for the music alone)

Japanese:                                                Sakura by Ikimono Gakari

Honorable mention:                            Sakura by Keiko Imamura  (traditional Japanese song)

Scottish Gaelic:                                      Unknown Title by Julie Fowlis

Honorable mention:                                   Blackbird (Lon-dubh) by Julie Fowlis  (Yes, this was originally written by the Beatles in English, but I love this version!)

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