Plus Sized but Not Plus Sized

When I was younger, I was a model. I lived in Japan at the time I started and they had a cattle call on the base. The Japanese agents were looking for people who had a foreign look. I had dark hair similar to the Japanese children; however, I had freckles and bright, big, blue eyes. Plus, I knew how to take direction. So, I was signed by Sugar and Spice Modelling and Acting Agency. To be honest, I loved modelling. It was really fun and I was pretty good at it. Over the next 2 years, I did shoots and videos and was even animated into an icon for a band. After we moved back to the U.S., I decided that I loved modelling and acting so much that I wanted to take classes. So, I signed up for John Robert Powers Acting and Modelling School. It was an interesting learning experience. But, I never got a break into the American modelling industry.

Well, the other day my father made a comment to me about how he thinks I could easily go back into modeling. And while I’m pretty sure I’d thoroughly enjoy it, there is one thing which would make it increasingly difficult to do.

According to the current fashion industry, I, a woman who wears a size 10 dress, am a plus sized woman. Let me ask you readers a question, what clothing size constitutes as plus size in your mind? I’d love to know your thoughts because I thought plus sized starts when your clothing size is ACTUALLY in the plus size section (which is usually size 14 or 16 and up). APPARENTLY, I know nothing though.

Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with being plus sized, everyone is built differently and that is okay. However, I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that if I ever want to go into modelling again, I would not only be classified as a plus sized model but, I would be restricted to plus sized modelling jobs.

This is an issue for two distinct reasons. 1) The average American woman’s size is size 14. Are fashion standards really meant to say that the average woman is plus sized? By definition, I thought ABOVE AVERAGE was plus size. 2) For me to be restricted to plus sized modelling jobs would be an injustice to actual plus sized models. This is a big one. If I was a plus sized woman looking at catalogues for plus sized clothing, I would want to see somebody who actually looks like I do and fits into the same clothing that I do. I wouldn’t want to see somebody who couldn’t even shop from this catalogue. (Wow. I just realized that most people don’t shop from catalogues anymore. I feel old.)

I personally think that if I can’t find my clothing size in a store, I probably shouldn’t be representing it or modelling for it. Maybe that’s just my own weird way of thinking. But, as it is, it bothers me that when I look at clothing for people with my proportions, I see people who are size 4. Nothing wrong with being size 4, but I don’t particularly want to see you modelling something meant for someone who has large breasts and hips like I do. (Unless of course you are curvy as a size 4. That is always possible.)

Is it just me or does this whole thing seem beyond ridiculous?

I’d REALLY like for the fashion industry to stop making us all feel horrible about how we look. Instead of encouraging this idea that all women look like twigs and all men have 6 pack abs, how about they find all different types of people to show off all different types of clothing. There are SO MANY beautiful people out there in ALL unique shapes and sizes. It shouldn’t be that hard to find them.

2 thoughts on “Plus Sized but Not Plus Sized

  1. You are seriously wise beyond your years. I am a plus size. You are NOT. And the modeling industry SHOULD be looking at all shapes and sizes. I, for one, agree that if I’m looking at a model wearing an outfit that might be interesting to me, I want to see it on someone MY size…..not someone in a size 4, 10 OR 16. It will be disappointing to get it and then realize that it doesn’t look good on someone my size. I hope they learn.


    1. Thanks. Yeah, I know it’s really upsetting when I buy a top that was shown on someone skinnier and less busty only to find out it doesn’t fit over my chest right. I really hope they change it too. I’d love to go back into modeling someday.


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