My Bucket List

This blog is about life and living and what’s livelier than a bucket list? You get to have adventures and accomplish goals and see/do things you’ve always dreamed of. The way I see it, it’s never too early to start a bucket list!

The Christmas before last I received a bucket list journal. In it, there is a blank list with 100 slots. Then, it gives me 2 pages per thing on the list to fill out when it happened, what happened, where, who I was with, the details, how I was feeling, and would I ever do it again.  This was such a creative idea for the person who made the journal. Anyways, I decided that I was going to fill up the list with things I had yet to do (only 1 exception) and start completing the list. So far I have done 6 of the 100. And, for all you people who want to do a bucket list as well, I decided to share mine. Maybe it’ll cultivate some ideas for you.

Quick note before I share my list, it won’t be 100 things because there are some personal items on the list that I’d rather keep to myself.

So, in no particular order, here’s the list:

1- Work for Disney

2- Spend Valentine’s Day with Someone

3- Finish a manuscript

4- Graduate from college

5- Travel to Greece (completed)

6- Release a demo CD and/or an EP

7- Go Skydiving

8- See the ball drop in NYC

9- Go to Brazil

10- See the Northern Lights (completed)

11- Be part of a NYC flash mob

12- Walk the red carpet

13- Go geocaching on a date

14- Get married

15- Send myself flowers (completed)

16- Be present at a birth other than my own

17- Create my own recipe and write it down

18- Celebrate Marti Gras

19- Ride a motorcycle

20- Sing everything for a day

21- Create a Christmas Jar

22- Go on a romantic picnic (completed)

23- Own a first edition book

24- Wear a miniskirt

25- Slow dance to no music

26- Be on Broadway

27- Adopt a child

28- Kiss under a mistletoe

29- Own a little black dress

30- Own a pickup truck

31- Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

32- Go to Comic Con

33- Have lunch with a Homeless person

34- Own a gun

35- Adopt a German Shepherd

36- Sing for a Living

37- Be someone’s Maid of Honor

38- Learn to Tango

39- Release a floating lantern

40- Go on a cross country road trip

41- Own a fancy camera

42- Wear a bikini on the beach

43- Change somebody’s life

44- Visit the Smithsonian again

45- Tie a message to a balloon and let go

46- Have a paint fight

47- Learn ASL (in progress)

48- Learn a new skill

49- Cut off my hair (completed)

50- Finish a coloring book

51- Pull an all-nighter with my sisters

52- Intentionally be in 2 places at once

53- Perform Defying Gravity

54- Go white water rafting

55- Write a good sci-fi story

56- Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day

57- Stomp Grapes

58- Jump in a pool of Jello

59- Take pictures for 365

60- ROAD TRIP with my best friends

61- Have a superhero created and drawn based on me

62- Bake a German Chocolate Cake

63- Have a Harry Potter party

64- Meet Connor Franta

65- Learn to play my Top 5 Favorite Instruments (in progress)

66- Sing with Idina Menzel

67- Go bungee jumping

68- Get JK Rowling to read my writing

69- Fold 1000 paper cranes to make a wish

70- Teach at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio

71- Shoot a rifle

72- Make a Cajon Box Drum from scratch

73- Do a zombie pub crawl

74- Take Patrick to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show

75- Work at a library

76- Visit a Paper Town

77- Give a TED talk

78- Catch fireflies as an adult

79- Perform a standup comedy show

80- Pay off student loans

81- Help run an organization

82- Take a vacation alone

83- Sing the National Anthem at a football game

84- Own a pinball machine

85- Visit New Orleans

86- Try new recipes every day for a month

87- Receive a love letter

88- Gain 5 points from my last IQ test

89- Go zorbing

90- Hit the bullseye doing archery

91- Ride a ride on the Stratosphere

92- Perform an obnoxious karaoke duet with my boyfriend

93- Paint a mural

94- Own a comic book (completed)

95- Own something of my Great Grandma Phillips’

I hope you guys enjoyed my bucket list and I hope it helped inspire you to create your own bucket list. For any of you out there reading this, what would you add to this list? Also, what would be at the top of your bucket list?

One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. I love how eclectic your list is and think that it will keep you busy for awhile. More of those things are being worked on than you know…..keep at them all.

    Life is about living…….not wishing that we could. 🙂 Love you


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