Two Poems

Last semester, I had a class where I had to write and workshop some pieces. Particularly we were challenged to write one free verse and one structured poem (we were given instructions as to our options of kinds). Well, after workshopping the poems a couple times, I decided I am going to share my poems with you all. I know it’s not my usual style for my posts but I figured since it’s something I was passionate about, I would give it a shot and see what you viewers think. Without further ado, I give you my two fiction poems:


The Girl in the Alley


A bottle shaking in her meager hand

Unsteady as thin paper in the breeze;

She presses to her lips and drinks again,

So cold, with elbows rested on her knees;

Her sunken eyes and hollowed cheeks so pale,

She scrounges dimes so she can feel that spark;

And bones protruding from her skin so frail,

Beneath a blanket, huddling in the dark

A pipe, a gram, to pass the endless days;

With each new thought she feels her spirits fall;

She spends those moments searching for new ways

Her face peers upward yearning for a call

Assured by silence of her own demise

She’s just a fallen angel in disguise.


Discovering the Truth


Goosebumps trail across her utterly naked body,

Eyes—the cool blue of fragmented skies

Or seas after the raging winds have calmed.


A step closer.


Crimson hair falls on a flushed collarbone.

Freckles line her shoulders and across her back

His cold fingertips explore her every bump,

Every curve,

Every grace of the womanhood God granted her.

Another step closer.


She feels a tingling where she ran the blade across her skin.

She looks downward feeling the heavy shame of her self-destruction.


One more step.


Two faces so close they can feel the muggy breath against their skin,

She wraps her arms around his neck and lays her head upon his steady shoulder,

The safety of his warmth, filling the cracks of her soul.


He kneels down.


Ridges zigzag across a tensed stomach,

Warm against the palm of his hand.


Hazel eyes gaze into the past she bravely bears—

Her secret whisper into the oblivion.

She looks down at the only man she’s ever truly loved.


Her body shakes as

A fear builds inside of her mind.

Silence fills the spaces between them,

Hands move to her sides and wrap around her waist.


Their eyes meet.

Lips press against the scars she wears.

He lays his head against her beautiful imperfections

Holding the woman so vulnerable,

So broken,

Yet, so entirely loved.

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