The Adventures of Writing Nonfiction

Hello everyone.


What an adventure I am going on. For a long time I’ve dreaded writing nonfiction. Frankly, it’s probably because I don’t read nonfiction either. I just have never actually found it interesting. I think real life tends to be boring. That being said, I decided when I was signing up for classes last semester that I was going to push myself and challenge myself. I am now in a class called Writing Serious Nonfiction. Basically, after reading the syllabus and reading all the introductory information, this class is going to be set up for the students to start writing a serious nonfiction novel.

We were required to put certain assignments on a blog for people (specifically our group members) to be able to read it. I got my professor’s permission to use my pre-existing blog right here. So for the next semester, I will be posting more posts related to this class and I would love some feedback.

In light of the class setup, I have spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas for my book topic. As it cannot be memoir, I have looked to interests unrelated to my experiences. Below I have explained in detail two ideas which I have narrowed down as the best of my options. For each idea, I’ve addressed these two questions:

What is your book about, and why would someone want to read it?

Is your book unique and necessary?

So, here goes nothing!


My first book idea is explaining the makeup of military life for the children of servicemembers. There are approximately 10 million Americans who identify as Military Brats. As of July 24, 2015, the United States population was 321,442,019. That means 1 in every 32 people you meet consider themselves you meet consider themselves Military Brats. This major American subculture is largely misunderstood, invisible, and isolated from other subcultures due to the major differences. Yet, its members are very active participants of society that influence everything from politics to mass media to business. Notable Military Brats include John S. McCain, Jr.; Bruce Willis; Lionel Richie; Tia, Tamera, and Tahj Mowry; Hunter “Patch” Adams; Mia Hamm; and John Denver. This book would be extremely relevant and, as a born and raised Military Brat, my connection with the military/Military Brat community would give an insider’s perspective which other authors may not be able to provide.


My second book idea is about the history of theatre. Theatre is an important, prevailing piece of the arts which has an expansive history. The Greeks are credited with the creation of modern theatre between the eighth and sixth centuries B.C.E. Over the centuries between then and now theatre has spread to covering a thousand different topics and forms. Today, theatre is a technical craft as much as it is an art. It includes legendary playwrights like William Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, and Oscar Wilde. However, this is about as much as modern people know. What happened to get from City Dionysia–where there were one, maybe two actors, and zero sets to work with–to Broadway? This is what I will address in my book. While there are classes which cover the history of theatre at major universities, and some people with BAs or higher in theatre may know the information, there are few books (excluding textbooks) which contain this information.


So there you have it, my two book ideas. I would love to hear which one piqued your interest more. I am also open to constructive criticism and thoughts about the assignment.


I will write again soon,

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