Sources for my SNF Book

For my sample chapter I’m composing in my Writing Serious Nonfiction class, I am going to focus on the effect of relocation on Military Brats. We were instructed to find 5 academic sources which we can utilize to enhance our chapter. These are the 5 sources I found:

Military Children Face Greater Academic Challenges Due to Relocation And Emotional Stress.

  • Robert Blum, professor of John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health quote on stressors for Military Brats
  • Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
    • Delayed enrollment, inappropriate grade-level placement, and program exclusion

A Theory of Risk and Resilience Factors in Military Families

  • Psychosocial and academic outcome
  • Resilience factors

Geographic Relocation Frequency, Resilience, and Military Adolescent Behavior

  • Parent surveys
  • 4.89 relocations on average
  • Higher relocations = better behavior
    • relocation frequency, not amount

Associations Between Parental Deployment, Relocations, and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among a Clinic Based Sample of Military Dependent Youth

  • 53.7% reported sexually experienced and risky behaviors
  • Significantly associated only with sex in the past 3 months

Psychological Health of Military Children: Longitudinal Evaluation of a Family Centered Prevention Program to Enhance Family Resistance

  • Family stress connection
  • Public health importance on military child stress


I only wrote these with bullet points so I have short concise notes to work off of. The majority of the sociopsychological effect have been observed first-hand by me. These statistics and studies will simply be support for the observations I have made throughout my lifetime.

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