From Theatre to Cosplay

I am challenging myself to write something meaningful to me in 10 minutes.



Here we go!

Monday is Halloween. I have always been a Halloween fanatic. It is pretty much the holiday of theatre nerds. You get to dress up and pretend to be someone else. That’s my favorite part. Even back when I was a kid, I still preferred the idea of acting like someone else. When my mother made my mother nature costume, back when I was probably 7 or 8, I walked around like I was the most graceful person in the world and helping plants grow. This may have been a silly to other people, but it was the beginning of my love of acting. See, the thing is, when you are internalized and bullied, there’s a high appeal to being another person.

Going forward, I not only dressed up for Halloween but I did movies and plays.

Theatre became my safe haven. See, theatre was a conglomerate of weirdos, crazy people, and outcasts. I fit in because I didn’t fit in anywhere else. Theatre people embraced me with open arms, even when I was simply doing makeup crew or moving set pieces around. The passion for theatre grew and grew and grew to the point where I didn’t care if I was onstage or backstage. I just wanted to be around my people–creating something, telling stories, entertaining and educating people. This dedication helped me grow as an individual and socially.

After I started college, I fell into a dark place. The theatre department was closed off unless you were a major or minor. I couldn’t be a part of the productions or crews. I could not enroll in theatre classes outside of theory courses. Internally, I was ripped away from the community I held so close to my heart.

That’s when I started cosplay.

Not everybody knows what cosplay is, so I will explain.

Cosplay is an abbreviation for costume play. Cosplay individuals dress up in costumes and go out to events like premieres, book releases, and conventions. Many times, they design and sew the costumes. Often, they act like the characters they are portraying. Between Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and comic book characters, I have dressed up and participated in cosplay events, communities, and contests for about 4 years now.

Getting ready for Halloween, I feel a peace at dressing up. I am going to be Officer Judy Hopps from Zootopia. I know that should I ever choose to, I could use my costume among other cosplayers. This is the beauty of finding your people.

It isn’t always easy to find your people, but when you do it helps you get through the tough times. And sometimes, I enjoy just going and nerding out.

Times up!

I hope you enjoyed my post about theatre and cosplay.

Thanks for reading,


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