My Last Minute Plea

There might be polls about to close, but many in the US have at least 1 hour left to vote. So as someone housebound with a rough case of the flu and asking a family member to take my ballot in, you should understand how important I find it to vote.

Here is my last minute plea.

I am not usually a person to request that people vote in a certain way. I will discuss my views and opinions, but I usually leave it at that. This is the exception.

If you are equally unsatisfied with both major presidential candidates, vote either Johnson or Stein. 

I know ton of people who are abstaining because they don’t like either of the major candidates running for president. This is something I have not judged for because, frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that I like one of the third party candidates, I may vouch not to vote for this particular election. (Yes, I know that there are other ballot measures.) However, there is something that you need to know if you are disenchanted by the two political parties.

Political parties only gain federal convention funding for their elections if they have 5% of the previous general election’s votes. This is the reason why I hope that you consider the option of voting for one of these two third parties. It isn’t a wasted vote, despite what other people tell you. It’s one of the only ways to see a change in our two party systems.

That’s all I’ve really got to say.

Until next time, stay strong America.


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