I Am Disappointed, IHOP!

Dear IHOP,

You have disappointed me beyond all reason. Here’s why:

Today, this lovely Veterans Day, some of my family decided to go out and have a nice meal together. We decided on your restaurant since we enjoy your food and your Kids Eat Free promotion. It also was a plus that you have a military discount. As a family full of veterans, military brats, and military spouses, we really appreciate doing business with companies that respect our troops and their families. Which leads me to the disappointing encounter I had today. My family goes in, eats our meal, my sister and I go up to pay for the bill. We have military ID at hand, cash and cards to split the cost, and (though there were some hiccups) we were relatively happy with the service. We ask the cashier about the Kids Eat Free and she applies it, taking off the two kids meals we ordered. Then we slide the ID towards her and ask for the military discount. At this point, we are informed that you only apply one discount per transaction and the Kids Eat Free promotion took up the discount. That would be fine, but nowhere on the signs for Kids Eat Free, at the registers, even on your Kids Eat Free page on your website is this posted. Case and point:


Nowhere on there does it say that other discounts cannot be applied to the meal if this promotion is being used.

So, we asked to speak with a manager. The manager came up looking irritated to begin with. When we explained the situation to her, she stated that only one discount can be applied. My sister asked her why and she responded with a long, unrelated explanation about how at King Soopers every third-ish receipt has a buy one get one coupon for IHOP and people will bring a bunch of them in. When my sister points out that we are not looking to get any adult meals free, the manager states that her register won’t even let her put in the military discount with the Kids Eat Free promotion. Let’s emphasize that point a little more. She claimed that she, as a MANAGER, could not override anything or manually put in any kind of discounts. I have a very hard time believing that to be true. At this point, I was upset; however, I remained much more calm than other people would’ve. I tried to point out that nowhere in the restaurant or on their signs was this stated. I said that I would, if they keep the policy, advertise this or make it known to the customers somewhere because other people would’ve been a lot more upset than I. Rather than taking this note, your restaurant manager basically brushed off everything I said by telling me that she didn’t make the signs and had no control over it. Then, she pointed to the piece of paper taped to the register and said that it mentioned the fact that only one discount could be used. I read the sign and so can you:


Look, I don’t want to be that person who is a stickler, but I am pretty ticked off right now. Nowhere on that sign does it say that only one discount can be used. Nowhere on that sign does it say anything about the Kids Eat Free promotion or the military discount. The only thing that this sign states is that you honor all your discounts and that you have to buy 2 drinks for the BOGO discounts.

Last time I checked, giving me a bunch of excuses and brushing me off is not honoring your discounts. 

The manager then proceeded to tell me that I could contact corporate if I had a problem with this because she had nothing she could do for me.

And the manager was right.

I can and will contact corporate.

I will make it very well known to you all that you would not honor your discounts; you held your customers to standards which were not posted anywhere; when asked questions about the policies, your manager was exceedingly rude about it; and, we left the restaurant ON VETERANS DAY feeling extremely unhappy with our service because you refused to honor your Kids Eat Free promotion and your military discount. I’d be fine with it if the policy was posted anywhere. I’d be fine with it if you recognized your downfall in communicating expectations to customers. I’d be fine with it if it seemed there was even a semblance of respect for the customers your manager was talking to. But, there wasn’t. There wasn’t even a recognition of the problem that you all didn’t uphold your own discounts and promotions. On Veterans Day. You turned away a military discount with a promotion on Veterans Day because of a policy unbeknownst to anybody.

That’s a great way to treat your military families. <–clearly sarcasm

Suffice to say, we did not leave through the door with a smile on our faces.

You will be hearing more from me.


An extremely disgruntled customer

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