My Take on the Gilmore Girls Final 4 Words

WARNING!!! Major spoilers are ahead. Do NOT read this unless you have seen the full Fall episode of the Gilmore Girls revival or are content to have the ending laid out for you.

Okay. You have been warned.

Proceed with caution.


Based on the fact that Amy Sherman-Palladino said the last four words of Gilmore Girls were always planned, but she wasn’t a part of the last season, I take it to mean that that the last four words of the revival were what she meant the original show to end with. If so, I am shocked and in dismay.

At the end of the episode, as you know, Rory announces her pregnancy.



“I’m pregnant.”

The screen goes black. That’s it. The end.

A ton of people claim that the words were justified because it meant Rory was following the pattern her mother set. She would stay in Stars Hallow and raise the baby herself. She would end up with Jess, the small town boy who pined over her. The uncanny “Circle of Life” statements were not lost on me. Despite this, I am still in complete disbelief.

So, if all went as planned, Rory would have fought through Chilton and Yale only to end up the girl who stayed?

If it were someone else or Rory was written that way, fine. But, you just broke the integrity of a role model to so many young girls. In the original series, the one that Amy Sherman-Palladino was responsible for, Rory figured out pretty quickly that it was wrong of her to have an affair with Dean. She even left him a letter telling him that until he figured out what he wanted, she was done. This is the Rory who has a good set of shoulders on her head. This is the same Rory who, though she took a boat-crashing filled hiatus caused by Logan’s mentally abusive father, went back to Yale and finished her degree. It may have been a difficult choice, but she was strong enough to make it. This is the Rory that never would’ve settled for the mediocrity of giving up her dreams to raise a child when she wanted so much more. She may have had a child but that wouldn’t stop her from following her dreams.

The idea that Rory would simply announce her pregnancy and go along with the “Circle of Life” mentioned multiple times in the revival bothers me because that isn’t the Rory we all have grown to know and love. Rory is compromised by the notion that she would just roll over to what was expected. There is never anything showing us a change leading up to this. It’d be different if we knew why she suddenly became okay with an affair, being the other woman. It’d be different if we knew why she would suddenly want to stay in Stars Hallow when she was so determined to leave. At the beginning of the revival, she says that she is unrooted and seeing where the wind takes her, for all intents and purposes. Just because that’s the case doesn’t mean that she isn’t still Rory.


The final 4 words bother me immensely.


Growing up, Rory and Topanga, from Boy Meets World, were two television icons who taught me that it was okay to dream big and fight for what you want. They taught me that I could put my education first while simultaneously pursuing a relationship. They helped shape me into the person I am today–a strong, independent woman with a bold mind.

It makes me very sad to think that the whole show would’ve ended with the point that we can’t escape the cyclical force pulling us backwards. It seems, from the last episode of the revival, that our efforts don’t matter. We shouldn’t strive for something more. We shouldn’t try to do something different or be someone different because it all comes back to a pattern we can’t fight.

Ultimately, I hope they do another season of the revival because I would love to see Rory fight against the expectations and win. Sure, she can have a baby. She can even end up with Jess if that’s what they want to do. But, I want to see Rory again. The real Rory. The one who dreamed of reporting or writing or exploring the world and finding her inspiration. I want to see her end up in San Fransisco or New York or even Star Hallow, if she wants to be there. But, I don’t want her to fall back into what’s easy.

Note: It is much more acceptable to me that Rory become pregnant at 32. She at least was given a chance to see the world some. I am still not enthusiastic about the ending. This is only amplified by the looming fact that it would’ve been the original ending had Sherman-Palladino had her way. But, I can accept 32 year old Rory being pregnant much better than 22 year old, post-Yale Rory being pregnant.


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