11 Things That I Don’t Understand (But Would Like To)

I may not have liked school, but I am a learner. I enjoy being challenged. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and perspectives. When I think of a question, I like to find out the answer. This often leads to a large amount of various trivia facts. Still, there are subjects I’m interested in simply because I don’t get them. Here are 11 things I don’t understand, but I’d like to:


1 . Daylight Savings Time

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always wondered the point of Daylight Savings Time. I genuinely would like to know. Are we all just changing our clocks and pissing off our biological clocks for no reason? Was it someone’s idea of a prank that caught on? If it was all about using up the natural light, why not just wake up an hour earlier or later without changing our grasp on time? These are the questions that plague my mind.

2 . How Amelia Earhart disappeared

I’m sure there are many people wondering this one. Given my association with the Air Force, it’s no surprise that I became fascinated with aviators. Since the third or fourth grade, I honed in on Amelia Earhart as a person of interest. Everything I know and have read about her makes her a fantastic role model. She constantly pushed the boundaries of what the world believed a woman was capable of. She broke records. She feverishly pursued her passion. People like she and Bessie Coleman pushed us closer to a society that realized the potential of all women. Yet, even with someone as influential as Amelia Earhart, they have no decisive explanation as to how she disappeared. Some speculate that she ran out of fuel; some speculated that she died a castaway; some believe she was captured by the Japanese during wartime. I wish I knew the truth about her disappearance.

3 . Chemistry

This one is half-way a joke and half-way real. I took chemistry back in high school. I was exceedingly bad at it. If it weren’t for my best friend pestering and coaching and quizzing me in every spare moment, I probably wouldn’t have even passed with the low grade that I did. The truth is, I wish I understood chemistry better than I do. It’s not that I am completely ignorant to the subject. I just don’t understand it to the extent which I would like to. I guess it is the intellectual in me that wants to keep learning about anything and everything, especially the subjects which challenge me.

4 . The complex nature of the human brain, emotions, and personality

I am and have always been interested in psychology. Enough said.

5 . Why people like Halo

When I first played the game Halo, I was given a controller. No explanation about what each button does in the game. No instructions. Just a controller and a room full of competitors who had played for years. This was disastrous. Every couple of seconds someone would kill me. The minute I tried to work out the controls, I was dead. This experience scarred me. I hate Halo with a burning passion. I will not play it. I seriously don’t understand why people like the game. If I could go back and have a good introduction to the game, I would because I have heard many people say they enjoy it. I wish I could get it. But, I don’t.

6 . Trigonometry

Again, I want to understand the things that challenge me. I could not tell you a lick about trig except for SoHCaHToA–the little mnemonic device for important formulas. I was that bad at it.

7 . Why Voldemort has no nose

J.K. Rowling, please, for the love of everything good in life, explain why Voldemort has no nose. I do not recall this ever being discussed in the books. (If I’m wrong, please reference me the book and chapter, so I can reread it.)

8 . My anxiety

When you suffer at the hands of something, most people try to rationalize the experience to cope. My anxiety rarely gives me that luxury. See, the issue is that my anxiety jumbles my head up so severely that I cannot tell what is rational and what is irrational. I can’t provide an explanation as to why my anxiety latches on to certain issues and not others. It is one big mess trying to work through my brain when it gets that way. On top of that, I have no idea what many of my triggers are. Sometimes, it appears that there is no trigger whatsoever. This is the joy of GAD; it doesn’t have to have a reason. I wish that I understood my anxiety better because then, at least, I’d have a fighting chance at coping better.

9 . The difference between Sikhism and Jainism

I am a very big fan of learning about other cultures and beliefs and traditions and religions. One of my favorite experiences in primary school was getting to learn about the different major religions and scriptures and places of worship. It was not an environment which pushed a certain religion as “the right one.” They wouldn’t have been allowed to do this in the public schools. But, when Hinduism came up, we briefly discussed variations which grew from the religion. Jainism and Sikhism were mentioned as being very similar. Yet, we didn’t go into the differences. I’ve always been curious as to what makes these religions unique from one another. Sadly, I’ve never knowingly been around someone with experience and knowledge in these religions. I suppose I could google the answer, but I learn and understand things much better with different methods.

10 . How Pompeii was preserved

This roots to my struggle in geology. While I enjoy the basics of geology, I never had a very good professor to explain things like pyroclastic flow or the way that a volcano can preserve an entire society of people. I’ve always imagined this lava oozing through the whole place and covering everything. Yet, I feel like that might burn up the place. I’ve tried searching for the answer, but nothing gives me a scientific explanation. I want to know. Does anyone understand and care to explain?

11 . Why dogs are always so excited to see us

My dogs are the sweetest things. They always act like I’m the best person in the world. They jump up, lick me, wag their tails, stick out their tongues. They get all kinds of excited when I sit down because they can put their bodies under my hand to get scratches. Yet, I’m not that exciting of a person when I get home. Why do dogs get so excited to see their owners or family? Any guesses?


There’s the list! If any of you happen to understand and explain one of these things in the comments section, I will happily read it. Then, I can check one off the list. I’m sure I’ll find another subject which I don’t understand, but want to.

Take a second in the comments section and tell me something you don’t understand, but want to!

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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