3 Years! Wow!

Hello lovely readers,

I delayed my post for this week because today is a very important day.

IT’S THE OSYH ANNIVERSARY! (In case you didn’t catch that, OSYH is the abbreviation for this blog: Old Soul, Young Heart.) 

Three years ago, I went through a hard time. When fighting to push through, I came to the conclusion that I was in a rut amplified by social media and a lack of activity. So, I started a social media fast, and I dedicated myself to trying new things. This was the first in a long line of adventures. I’d always wanted to write a blog. I never thought my voice would matter though. I was terrified that I would write and nobody would read. I felt like there was nothing I had worth saying. Still, I promised myself that I would take a chance. Even if I was only writing for myself, I was doing something new and scary. In this case, scary was fantastic!

I am so glad that I started this blog. I have had a ton to say about a variety of topics. I’ve had an outlet which kept me writing. Believe it or not, that’s not easy when you are an English Writing major/Psych minor. Pretty much everything that you write, when you are an English Writing major, is something for class. Lastly, I now have 57 followers. People may not read every post, but it’s nice to know that you all are out there. I’ve had people connect with things I’ve said in ways I never expected. My writing has meant something to someone. It feels wonderful.

In honor of this anniversary, I’m going to share 3 positive things that I have learned this year.


3 positive things I have learned this year:

1 . Children really do change your life.

Okay, this is not to say that life is invaluable without children. Many people can have fulfilling lives without children. They come to these conclusions and perspectives in their own way. However, having two young children in my life, helping care for them, has changed my perspective on so much. I see the world as something to hope for. I see what could be. I still think about the horrible things in the world; I don’t have a ton of choice as an adult functioning within this society. Yet, I also try to remind myself of what my nieces would say. They promised that they would love someone forever, no matter what. They talk about the future like they can truly do anything that they want. They tell people that they are beautiful or smart or amazing, without hesitation. So, I try to do the same. They really do add something to my life. They have every year that they’ve been alive.

2 . Persistence matters.

Sometimes, it wears down on me to see the amount of views on my music. It makes me sad to hear the word no, with performance opportunities. It’s hard. Still, I may not have succeeded yet in making it big; but, through my persistence, I have rediscovered my love of the craft. I enjoy the process of writing lyrics, even when they take 10 times to get right. I enjoy fiddling around on my guitar or the piano until I find the right combination of chords. My persistence reminds me to make music because I love it, not because I want to be famous.

3 . Sometimes, it’s good to face fears.

I’ve tried really hard to try new things this year, some of which have been really scary. I ate at a nice restaurant alone. I voted in a presidential election. Yeah, that one was terrifying on so many levels. Before, I made the educated choice to refrain from voting in the presidential election. My vote was to not vote. This election, I voted because 1) I supported a candidate. 2) I loathed the two major candidates with such contempt that I needed to do something about it. On to another scary thing, I performed at a slam poetry open mic night. I don’t like to read my own writing, specifically my poetry, in front of people. But, with the help of a good friend, I got up on stage and read one of the most personal poems I have ever written. All of these things have benefited me in some way. I am glad that I pushed myself.



Now that I’ve paid homage to this anniversary, I am going to lay down. I had to shorten the post in the interest of time. I have not been feeling too well today, so I should probably rest. I have a lot of very exciting things that I need to be healthy for.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Here’s to another year ahead!


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