An Introduction to Film Fever

Dear readers,

I watch movies fairly frequently, both in cinemas and at home. That, along with reading books and engulfing my life in music, is one of my favorite pass times. As such, I have considered doing movie reviews. Given that my platform has grown here, I am going to start a series of movie reviews. I’m not going to stick to only new movies. I will be delving into:

  • New movies
  • Old movies
  • Big screen movies
  • Small screen movies
  • Long movies
  • Short movies

I will even consider doing foreign films, though, for the life of me, I cannot find much interest in foreign films. This is likely because they require reading and watching at the same time. However, that is just a guess. I truly cannot pin point it to one thing.

My rating system will break down into these categories:

  • Plot/Dialogue
  • Cinematography
  • Acting

Each of these will be rated from 1 to 5. I will give a brief explanation of why I chose the number that I did. Next, I will give an overall rating from 1 to 10. Lastly, I will give a review of the movie, noting spoilers if they arise.

For now, I’ll start with a few movies suggested by friends, and ones I’ve watched recently. However, I will be collecting suggestions as I go along. Feel free to leave them in the comments.

I hope you guys look forward to this. I know that I am!

Truly yours,




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