Beware! There are spoilers ahead!

Turn away now!

Enter only if you dare!

I absolutely adore the movie IT (2018). It is cinematically well done. The actors are spot on in their portrayals. The score is top notch. The costuming and makeup is perfect. I love the film for the art and the actual story.

I do not understand why people have become afraid of clowns because of the IT book or movies. Pennywise is a shapeshifting killer alien that sometimes takes the form of a clown and otherwise takes the form of whatever your greatest fear is. That is just me though.

I own the movie, so I watch it pretty frequently. Most of the times, I focus on how beautiful the artistic elements are. The most recent viewing though, I wrote down thoughts about the plot I had the first time I watched and those that I had after multiple viewings. So, here you go. 18 thoughts I had watching IT (2018).


1. Why does the old lady on the porch not do anything about the kid talking to the rain gutter or the kid being dragged through blood into the drain?

2. Why is there so much water in the trashcan being dumped over her head?

3. I love New Kids on the Block!

4. Bowers is an utterly gruesome human being. He takes being a bully to a whole new level.

5. Welcome to the Losers’ Club, Beverly! P.S. From the first time I watched this, I thought you looked like Molly Ringwald.

6. WHY? Why would you follow a floating balloon? Does nobody notice how incredibly weird that is? Balloons don’t just randomly float around. I do not understand you kids. Use some common sense, please.

7. These kids are weirdly savvy. I don’t know very many kids at that age who study sewage maps and town histories without it being an assignment.

8. I spy, with my little eye, the original Pennywise mask.

9. Thank you Stephen King for creating a character who is not a weakling. She is a survivor, and she is not going to be taken down without a serious fight.

10. “They’re gazebos!” Haha, wrong word.

11. The soundtrack enhances the film as a whole. It hits all the right moments. It has great rise and fall. It evokes the emotions for each specific scene. Hats off to the composer.

12.  “How is she floating?” OMG kid! How is a killer alien clown chasing after y’all? How does it keep showing up everywhere? How are you living with that much blood loss? Is her floating really the most surprising thing happening in your life?

13. Poor Bill. He had to admit his brother was dead. That actually made me tear up a little bit, and I don’t cry at movies often.

14. WHY does Pennywise think these kids are going to barter with a killer alien clown?

15. Pennywise fell down the same well that Bowers fell down. He is obviously going to eat Bowers.

16. Why would you make a blood oath after everyone lost all that blood being attacked by Pennywise?

17. Ha. Of course they’re going to come back. Do they really think it’s over?

18. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL IT, CHAPTER 2 (2019)!!!

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