15 TV Shows That Ended too Soon

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My friend started a conversation online the other day with the question, “What TV show was cancelled too soon?” and the caption saying, “One answer, really…” Knowing her, I knew exactly the show to which she was referring. (We will get to that later.) It got me thinking though. What would my one show be?

I couldn’t come up with one show. I came up with 15 (and an honorable mention)! So, here goes nothing. Here are 15 TV shows that absolutely ended too soon:

SPOILER WARNING! There will be some minor or major spoilers from this point forward. If you don’t want spoilers, either skip over the title of the show you don’t want spoilers for, or don’t read this post.


1. Chasing Life

This show meant so much to so many people, particularly those whose lives have been touched by cancer (either themselves or their loved ones).  April was put through the ringer and never received the ending that she deserved. We were left on a cliffhanger. She decided to stay in Europe, which is completely uncharacteristic of her. We all knew that wasn’t the end. Brenna, a fantastic representation for the bisexual community, is now permanently stuck in a love triangle since they cancelled the show. We don’t ever get to see what happens with George and the possible legal charges. Producers and writers already had plans for the next season, which they released in an interview after a long time of fighting to get the show back on the air. Still, it is a serious shame that this TV show didn’t get more air time.

2. Marvel’s Agent Carter

Agent Carter was a badass. She was more than capable of being both feminine and strong. She was a fantastic role model in the superhero world for young girls. She was wicked sharp and capable of standing on her own two feet. I loved Agent Carter. That show deserved so much better.

3. Faking It

This show had fantastic diversity and a killer cast! Because of the premise, there were ample opportunities to include many different types of people. The show had strong story arcs. There were so many creative directions to take. It was sad to see this one come to an end so soon. Unfortunately, there just weren’t high enough rating to save it. The fan base still lingers though. It is a shame that there is no studio to push for another network to pick it up. The show is owned by MTV and probably will never come back.

4. Veronica Mars

This cult classic has rumors of a revival on a streaming platform! It absolutely deserves it.

5. Jericho

Considering the more recent obsession with post-apocalyptic life (e.g. The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent), it is disappointing that this show did not come out after the writers strike and after dystopias caught traction. It had a premise which could have become really big and popular. Massive nuclear attacks. Last people alive. No electricity or communication. Limited resources. There was so much potential, considering our innate fascination with the destruction of humanity. The serious disappointment with this one is that it was revived after being cancelled, only to have a short second season and be cancelled again. A Jericho movie was in the works, but got cancelled. Then, Netflix was on board to take over the show, but CBS refused to sell it. Why they wouldn’t sell it if they never planned to revive it again is a mystery. The only way that Jericho continued was through a comic book series. Still, this show had so many directions it could go and suffered at the hands of CBS.

6. The Lying Game

The Lying Game was an interesting possibility. Created by the same author of Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game was adapted to TV, garnering 2 seasons. There is a great divide among fans as to whether the books were better or the TV show was. I personally am partial to the TV show.

7. Everything Sucks!

The Netflix hit Everything Sucks! was amazing. Set in the 90s, it followed a diverse group of outcast kids as they navigated teenagehood. One primary character, Kate, is queer. FANTASTIC representation for young LGBTQIA+ who are only just discovering or accepting their sexuality. Another primary character, Luke, is a Black American boy who joins the AV club. He is an everyman that is just striving to be noticed. Despite being about teenagers, Everything Sucks! is overflowing with 90s fashion, music, language. It’s crazy nostalgic for those who lived through the 90s. It was a beautiful coming-of-age story. Tragically, Netflix cancelled this show. Adults and teens alike took to social media to express their despair. Unfortunately, this didn’t change the outcome.

8. Scream Queens

Scream Queens not only mocked and satirized horror, but translated it into a TV format which opened up the genre to new audiences. It boasted a very famous cast participating in hilarious gore sequences. There was an aspect of mystery regarding who was committing the murders. Only running for two seasons, this show deserved so much more.

9. Scream the TV Series

On the note of horror tv shows, Scream the TV Series excited audiences as it both scared audiences and amused audiences with irony. From the dynamic duo “bicurious and the virgin” to Noah’s obsession with horror movies to Emma’s gutsy resilience, the characters of Scream the TV Series shine. This TV show is a little different than the others on this list because a Season 3 is in the works. It was not technically cancelled. However, MTV has been very clear that Season 3 will be a complete reboot, wiping all the content that was produced in Season 1 and 2. This is tragic, given that Season 2 and the Halloween special left us with so many unanswered questions and mysteries. We don’t know if Brandon James is alive, who killed Kieran, who was on the other end of the phone call, who left the note at the tree, or what Troy James has to do with all the chaos. It is sad to me that they decided to reboot the whole thing, instead of giving another season to wrap everything up before moving on.

10. Almost Human

Okay. I am going to admit it. I haven’t watched more than a few episodes of this one. It was relatively interesting. I just haven’t gotten around to watching more. But, my husband watched it and loved it. He was disappointed that it didn’t continue on.

11. Don’t Trust the B—- In Apartment 23

This one is on the list for the actors. While the story wasn’t the strongest on this list, the actors shone and the writing was downright hilarious. There is nothing like seeing James Van Der Beek play an overblown version of himself as a character. Plus, Krysten Ritter and Dreama Walker deserve to be excessively popular. They are so funny and really great at acting.

12. Torchwood

Come on guys? Why did you have to cancel an awesome Dr. Who spin-off? It only lasted 4 seasons, but it left an impression on Dr. Who fans around the world.

13. The Tyra Banks Show

Tyra Banks is a strong, independent woman with a great attitude, wit, and broad appeal. I loved seeing her as a host of her own show. As a talk show host, Tyra Banks covered important topics, primarily facing women in today’s society. She gave a voice to many people who felt unseen and unheard. She involved the LGBTQIA+ community, even ending up with a nomination for a GLAAD Media Award. Tyra Banks stood, and still stands, as a fantastic role model to young women and people of color. No question about that. She made it her goal to bring positive images of women and girls to the TV and movie screens. It was sad when she decided to move on from her talk show, but I am happy that she took on so many other endeavors.

14. The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle was an interesting TV show, based on a book series that I am unfamiliar with, that brought fantasy into people’s lives. Centering around witchcraft, it had an air of Charmed to it. There were supernatural adventures throughout the show. It gained a large fanbase. It only lasted for 1 season though. So many fans are still calling for a second season, 7 years after it ended. I wish that the magic had continued on.

15. Legends of the Hidden Temple

This 90s gameshow from the Nickelodeon channel, was adored by both children and their parents alike. Lasting for 3 seasons (120 episodes) spanning across 3 years, it followed six teams as they competed through obstacles, puzzles, and quizzes in order for a chance to spend 3 minutes trying to retrieve an artifact from Olmec’s Hidden Temple which is guarded by mysterious Mayan guards. The temple included 12-13 rooms connected as a labyrinth. Each room’s door unlocked or opened after a player finished a puzzle or task. Prizes were given out for each of the following: reaching the temple, grabbing the artifact, and escaping the temple with the artifact before the time runs out. This game show was thrilling to watch. It deserved to run for much longer than the 3 years that it received. Being a Nickelodeon game show was a disservice. It could have stood against many shows that now run on the Game Show Network. Although they did a TV movie based on the game show (2016), they have never revived the game show. It only occasionally has reruns. I am disappointed that kids of today may never know the joy that is Legends of the Hidden Temple.


The show which my friend was referring to in her post, the answer that virtually every person I asked gave me, was Firefly. This TV show is adored by so many people, but I am not one of them. I was bored by the show. It was so slow paced and just never kept my attention. (Sorry everybody. Don’t hate me) However, due to the overwhelming popularity of Firefly, I decided to put aside my own feelings and include it on the list as an honorable mention. This show only got one season and the movie Serenity. All the fans agree that it was worth more than just that.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment if you think there are any shows that I missed out on listing.

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