WARNING: Obviously, from the title, you can surmise that there will be major spoilers of Avengers: Infinity War in this post. This will include spoilers for both the movie and the comic version.

Hello Avid readers! I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed as my spine surgery gets closer. My leg pain has been getting worse most every day. It’s been stressful, but it has also given my a lot of time to engage in my nerdom. I went to the Captain Marvel fan event and have since been rewatching all the Marvel movies ever since then. Guess what?


Infinity Wars is on Netflix! WOOHOO!


Avengers: Endgame is approaching fast, and I’m so excited! My sister and I will be at the fan event, decked out in Marvel paraphernalia. So as we ramp up for Avengers: Endgame, let’s take a moment of remembrance for all those who died in Avengers: Infinity War.



RIP Idris Elba. (He is not really dead, just his character.) You will be greatly missed in the MCU, partially because you are super hot (Sexiest Man Alive 2018!) and partially because you are a complete badass.


This was perhaps the saddest death for me. Being of the Neutral Chaotic alignment, I adore Loki. We have seen him grow and change throughout the MCU, but he has never lost his sense of mischief. I will cry if they do not manage to bring him back to life.


Thanos, you are a complete asshat for doing this. You kidnapped this child, raised her to be a fighting machine, and then killed her for your own gain. You clearly are a messed up guy who doesn’t care about anybody else, despite your holier-than-thou effort to seem like you care about the universe. I have a hard time believing that Thanos loved Gamora enough to sacrifice her for the soul stone.

Vision – Not just once. Twice.

Vision suffers the brunt of everything. Thanos hunts him down throughout the film to try to get the mind stone. Scarlet Witch makes the hard choice and destroys Vision and the stone to keep it from Thanos. Unfortunately, Thanos already has the time stone, so he just turns back time. He restores Vision, crushes Vision’s head, and takes the stone.

Many brave Wakandan soldiers

They may not be named characters, but they still deserve recognition for their resistance to Thanos despite knowing they would probably perish. They fought hard to protect the world.

The Black Order (Thanos’s goonsquad)

Okay, so Thanos’s goonsquad doesn’t really deserve a moment of remembrance. They died though, so they are on this list anyways.


Break my heart, why don’t you, Marvel! Obviously, I’m sure that T’Challa will come back to life by the time the credits close on Avengers: Endgame. Still, it was awful to watch one of the most wonderful Avengers turn into complete dust. I am just glad I didn’t have to see Shuri turn to dust. (I refuse to believe she died in the snap, no matter what anyone says.) Wakanda FOREVER!

Doctor Strange

Sorry Doctor Strange. I guess you don’t need money for sandwiches at the deli … because dead people don’t eat sandwiches.


I am super bitter about this one. In the comics, Steve Rogers dies in the Infinity Wars and Bucky becomes the next Captain America. I was so excited to see this happen! Not that I don’t love Chris Evans, but Bucky was so much better of a Captain America. Mind you, there is still a whole nother Avengers movie in which Steve Rogers could die. That just means that Bucky NEEDS to come back to life! Get on it Avengers!


Unpopular opinion. Falcon is better than Captain America… just saying. I really want Sam to come back to life! A Bucky as Cap and Sam as Falcon team up would be awesome. There is also the possibility of Sam taking over as Captain America if Steve Rogers dies. They recently ended a run in the comics which had him as Cap.

Scarlet Witch

This one wasn’t upsetting to me because both my husband and I were angry at the changes they made to Scarlet Witch’s powers in translating her from comics to the MCU.


This was the saddest death that we saw happen as a result of the snap. Tom Holland may not be my favorite Spider-Man, but DAMN he has acting chops. He made me tear up. Watching Spider-Man shake and cry while telling Iron Man, “I don’t want to die,” just broke my heart. So many other people agree that it was cruel and devastating. Obviously we know that he is coming back to life (since he has a movie coming out after this); it doesn’t change how terrible that was though.

Drax and Groot

I am pairing these two together since they were OG Guardians of the Galaxy. They watched so many other people die, and now they died too. It just isn’t fair.


Okay, Mantis is super awesome. Plus, I love Pom Klementieff. She is one of my favorite actors in the MCU. I really hope they bring Mantis back to life. She deserves to be in more than 2 movies.

Peter Quill

I would like to point out how upsetting it is that Starlord gives Drax a hard time for acting on emotion rather than logic, then Peter does the same thing over and over again. I am not saying that I don’t understand acting on emotion, but DUDE, Peter Quill was frustrating in this movie. It kind of seems like justice that he died.

Half the universe’s population

This is for all the unnamed people out there who died in the snap. RIP.

Fury and Maria Hill

If you stayed until the credits end-scene, you will know that Both Maria and Fury died in the snap. Luckily, Fury was able to send out a signal to Captain Marvel before he disintegrated. I’m positive that Fury will come back to life since he will be in the next Spider-Man movie, but only time will tell whether we will see Maria Hill again.


People who died in the snap, post-Antman and the Wasp:

Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyke, and the Wasp

These three disintegrated while testing a new portal with Antman. I am curious how the heck he got out of there by himself. It’s sad that we won’t get to see the Wasp in action during Endgame, but it gives Antman a lot of motivation to help defeat Thanos.


Possible death: The Collector

It is never explicitly stated during Infinity War that the Collector died. From the looks of the ruins though, I would assume that Thanos killed everbody in that area. I am curious as to whether we will eventually see him again


There you go everbody! Now you are prepared with a recap of the deaths from Infinity War. Endgame is going to be so exciting. (4 hours long! Yay!) I look forward to hearing all your thoughts about it. In the meantime, feel free to comment below with any theories on what might happen in Endgame or who you want to see come back to life.


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