Gilmore Girls was culturally aware, witty, and it blessed us with Melissa McCarthy before she was a huge star. Stars Hollow felt like a home to so many fans. The Gilmores brought comfort to people living in dysfunctional families. Kirk reminded us that it was okay to be a weirdo. We became coffee crazed, and we all started talking faster. There is no doubt that Gilmore Girls impacted viewers. But possibly the biggest impact it had was in expanding our musical horizons. Between Lane Kim’s bands, Lorelei’s pop-culture affinity, and the town troubadour, Gilmore Girls was OBSESSED with music.

Yet, there are some songs from the series that never gained enough popularity.

1. My Little Corner of the World by Connie Smith

Here is a nice throwback to season 1!


2. Perfume by Sparks

Not only did we get to hear this song on the show. The Sparks actually performed it as visiting troubadours trying to get discovered.


3. Reflecting Lights by Sam Phillips

This song holds a special place in Gilmore Girls’ hearts. It is the song that Luke and Lorelei dance to at TJ and Liz’s wedding as well as the song played during their wedding montage in the revival.


4. I’m the Man Who Murdered Love by XTC

XTC was frequently used on the Gilmore Girls, and many people discovered the band through the show. This song just never got the attention it deserved.


5. This Is Hell by Elvis Costello

Nobody will ever forget Jess’s expression as he looks out upon Stars Hallow while this song plays.


6. Everybody Needs a Little Sanctuary by Grant Lee Buffalo

This was one of the many amazing songs sung by the town troubadour.


7. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham!

Yes. I know this song is relatively popular. It will never be popular enough though. It is one of the greatest songs in history. (You will never be able to convince me otherwise!)


8. Then She Appeared by XTC

One of the beautiful Jess and Rory moments.


9. 40 Years by House of Freaks

From the episode where Lorelei helps save April’s birthday party.


10. Peace Train by Cat Stevens

This song is interrupted by Lorelei and Rory carrying their heavy backpacks.


11. Heart of Glass by Blondie

This played during Lane and Bryan’s awesome wedding reception!


12. So Says I by The Shins

Ah, the song from Paris and Rory’s spring break adventures. It was pretty cool that the band actually played the song on stage during the episode.


Now that you have discovered some new songs or some old favorites, start updating your playlists! I know I will be!

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