Hey all,

I keep seeing challenges on the internet. As a non-Gen-Z-er, I find many of them weird and out of my comfort zone. (Not saying that they are all bad. Just not up my alley.) But, there are some really positive ones, like posting glow up photos, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the #NoMakeupSelfie. On that note, today I am creating a new challenge. I’m going setting a 5 minute timer. In that time, I’m going to write as many happy things as I can. Once I am finished, I will type them up onto this post and add some related pictures. Since I have mental illnesses, this will be a bit of a challenge. The past few posts have been heavy. I’m hoping this will help get me into a more positive mindset!

If you are up to it, challenge yourself to do the same.

With all the negative things in the world right now, I would really love to see a wave of happiness spread across the internet. Maybe they are small things. Maybe they are big things. But, we need happiness to help us get through the hard times.

Let’s get the ball rolling.





Here is my list:

The smell of books

book page

Bonfires and s’mores

bonfire during evening


adorable animal breed canine

A child’s laughter



friends girl blonde portrait

The wind blowing

orange and blue paper decor and black string lights

Comic books

Helping Someone


photography of rainbow during cloudy sky

Escape Rooms


printed musical note page


silver colored microphone

Playing guitar

The piano

Spending time with a friend

silhouette of four people against sun background

Getting flowers from somebody

close up daisy flora flowers


Walking barefoot in the grass

Squinching your toes in the sand

person stand on sand

Colouring with your kids

close up of crayons

Wearing jeans


A couple holding hands

people holding hands


abstract analog art camera

My partner

Experiencing other cultures


man and woman dancing near forest trees while smiling

Playing games

Wearing makeup just because you feel like it

close up of multi colored pencils


Silver linings in the sky

Star Wars


black ceramic cup with coffee beans all on brown wooden surface
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com


view of woman s back with bird tattoo on right shoulder

Hearing someone say, “I love you.”

Solving a difficult problem

blackboard business chalkboard concept

High Fives

Roller coasters

roller coaster ride



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


If you decide to take the challenge, please tag me in it or send it to me on Twitter!

4 thoughts on “Challenge: List as Many Happy Things As You Can in 5 Minutes

    1. It was fun to come up with this list. The only plus side to my brain going a mile a minute is that I came up with a lot. Haha.
      I thoroughly enjoy doing escape rooms. It lets me solve puzzles, riddles, and work the logic muscles in my brain. Plus, in the escape rooms I go to, there is always an emergency key to get out if there is a problem.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! 🙂


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