A:   Ardent – Passionate, enthusiastic, or eager

B:   Bibliophile – A person who loves or collects books

C:   Comeuppance – An unpleasant fate that someone deserves

D:   Draconian – Excessive and unreasonably harsh

E:   Erroneous – Mistaken, wrong, incorrect

F:   Farcical – Humour that is outrageous, absurd, and silly

G:   Gallivant – Travelling from place to place in hopes of finding entertainment and happiness

H:   Hiraeth – Yearning/feeling homesick for a place to which you have never been or does not exist

I:    Ineffable – Unable to be described in words

J:    Jejune – Superficial and lacking in substance

K:   Kalon – Beauty which is deeper than the skin

L:   Lothario – A man who woos women

M:  Malarky – Nonsensical talk

N:   Nebulous – Hazy, unclear, vague

O:  Opulent – Overly luxurious and rich

P:   Phantasmagoric – Frequently changing fantasy images in a deceptive manor

Q:   Quixotic – Idealistic, romanticized, or impractical

R:    Ravenous – Extremely hungry

S:    Scrupulous – Ethical, thorough, and attentive to details

T:    Twitterpated – Smitten or infatuated

U:   Undulate – To move in a wave-like motion

V:   Voluptuous – curvaceous in a sensual way

W:  Whittle – To carve out in a repeated and gradual manner, usually pertaining to wood

X:   Xenomorphic – Having an unusual/strange form

Y:   Yappy – Very talkative

Z:   Zephyr – A gentle wind


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