I am all about the opportunity to try and experience new things. I have even dedicated a section of my blog just to reviewing them. For months I have heard people recommending that I subscribe to the FabFitFun Box. This subscription box costs $50 once per season and delivers 9-12 high-end, full-size products valued at over $200. Every person I know who tried it raved about their experience with this beauty, fitness, health, and season related box. This created very high expectations. I figured that it couldn’t be as good as everyone said. Still, when I got a 40% off coupon for my first box, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it out!

I paid for my box after the first billing date in Spring, so I wasn’t sure whether I would receive my first box box in the Spring or Summer. I was pleasantly surprised when I received it not even a month later.


At first glance:

Boasting a green and yellow floral pattern on the outside, I was immediately thrilled with the aesthetically appealing vibe. I enjoyed how neatly everything was packed without feeling cramped. As I unpacked it, I noticed the high quality of the items. Out of everything, I recognized the Tarte brand and Ahava brand. I’d always wanted to try something from Tarte. The other items were completely new to me.  I was nervous about the lotion since I’ve tried essential oils before, and they increase my anxiety. The nail and cuticle serum wasn’t something I was terribly interested in. I don’t do my nails often. The ceramic tray was far too pink for my liking. All the other items seemed like something I would enjoy.



Using the items:

The sunglasses were my all time favorite item out of the box. They look edgy, which is my general aesthetic. The lenses boast a purple tint. Though it is my general concern with most sunglasses, I didn’t have to worry too much about them being flimsy. They’re sturdy on the face, and the case keeps them well protected when they are in my purse. I use these sunglasses regularly!

Unfortunately, as soon as I pulled the gold and opal necklace out, I noticed that it was broken. I reported this to the assistance chat and FabFitFun sent me a brand new one without any hassle. The replacement held up, so I am guessing my first one was a fluke.

I knew after looking at it that the ceramic tray wasn’t something I would use. I decided to regift it to someone else though, and they love it. The glass is thick and a little heavier than I expected. Still, it is gorgeous. Just not my style.

The Tarte H2O hydration gel is so nice. Though it is described as a gel, it isn’t sticky. It rubs on smoothly and feels fantastic. My skin is fairly sensitive, and I had no issues. In fact, it helped my eczema. I would 100% buy this outside of a FabFitFun box.

I was pleasantly surprised by the nail and cuticle serum. Even without doing my nails on a regular basis, this item is worth the money. After using it every other day for a week, my cuticles were nearly completely healed. I have notoriously dry, cracked cuticles. The lavender scent smells great and lingers even after my skin has absorbed the oil.

The apple cider vinegar hair mask works crazy well! I have extremely wavy, thick, textured, unmanageable hair. I’ve never used hair masks before since most of them I’ve seen are geared towards people with straight, thin hair. I gave this one a shot though, and I love it. The sheen lasted for 4 or 5 days. I received a tonne of complements at how my hair looked. It felt and appeared healthier. The waves were more contained which saved me time in styling. I fully intend on repurchasing this item.

The Lavido lotion smelled nice, felt good, and didn’t increase my anxiety. I think of this as a win. I now take it around with me in my purse.

I gave away my HelloFresh card for Mother’s Day, so I cannot speak to the quality of HelloFresh.

I haven’t used the Ahava foot cream yet. It smells good though.


Final impressions:

After buying and using my FabFitFun box, I would recommend giving it a shot. The items all were high-quality and worth the money, even at full price. The Spring 2019 Editor’s box gave me the opportunity to try things out that I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to buy. Even I, a gender non-conforming queer person, received things from the subscription that I would purchase again. As a busy and stressed adult, it was nice to get pampered. The FabFitFun box is truly a nice treat, something I would advise giving a shot when you get the opportunity.

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