Revamped and Radiant

Hey everybody!

As my loyal readers may have noticed, over the past few days, I did some hard work on revamping my blog layout, pictures, and colour scheme. I felt that it was time. We’re coming up on the 5 year blogiversary of Old Soul, Young Heart, and I haven’t freshened up the aesthetic since the first year!

Along with the appearance change, I decided to make an Instagram account. My photography background has lent itself well to this blog, but there are many other day to day photographs that I can’t include on here. Following the blog on Instagram will give you a glimpse into the smaller moments and the beauty that I find in life. 

The instagram name: OldSoulBlogger

I want to assure everyone, though, that these things aren’t going to change the tone, expression, perspective, or content of this blog. I may show natural growth, but I am still completely and authentically me. I care very intensely about you readers. I hope that you know that. 

So, I hope you take the time to browse around the new site, follow my social media, and enjoy yourselves.

All the best,



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