Love, Geeky Girl Blogging Coach – Review


Old Soul, Young Heart here. I have been a part of the Love, Geeky Girl community for quite some time now. When Sam put out a post about wanting people to try out her new blog coaching business, I jumped at the opportunity. Sam Proctor took me on as an “Instant Boost” blogging coach. That package included an hour and a half to solve one specific issue with my blog. In my case, I needed to prepare for a leave of absence. I had spine surgery around 2 months ago and needed to take some time for recovery.

Sam came to the appointment wholly prepared to help me through this issue. She had many notes, walking me through the process of setting everything up. She gave me information on starting an Instagram, which would allow me to reach out to potential guest bloggers. And though I didn’t have any takers, Sam’s advice opens up avenues for guest bloggers in the future. In a matter of a month, I went from zero followers on my Insta to around 25 followers.

Sam also advised dropping down to 1 post a week. I would inform my readers of my leave of absence, then schedule my posts ahead of time. She let me know that readers tend to be understanding when it comes to things as long as you don’t disappear without notice. This made me feel better about needing some time off. She went further to let me share some post ideas with her, and she gave me feedback. This helped me plot out topics for the 2 months I would be gone.

Even for seasoned bloggers like me, Sam’s blog coaching can be a wonderful tool to solve blogging dilemmas. I recommend it for newbies just starting out or anybody looking to work through hiccups. I’ve been blogging for twice as long as Sam, but she was more than capable of assisting me. I felt so much more confident coming back from my recovery. My outstanding experience gives me faith that Sam can help anybody with their blogging needs.

Thank you Sam for taking the time to help me!

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