My Six Favorite Hair Products For Short, Thick, Curly Hair

Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel

For years, I’ve struggled with how to handle my hair. I’ve always had the thick and frizzy texture, but come puberty my hair went from slightly wavy to extremely wavy curly. I’d get so frustrated that I’d just throw my hair into a messy pigtail. I’m pretty sure that comprised the majority of my photos for a year or two. Eventually, I decided it would be easier just to cut my hair short. Boy, I was wrong. I went back and forth between longer and shorter hair (despite liking short hair best) because I couldn’t figure out any way to actually style my hair. 

Luckily, I found some products along the way to manage it. I now have short, curly, thick hair which looks decent most days. My hair’s healthier, bouncier, less frizzy. It’s all thanks to these amazing 6 hair products. You should consider using them…

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