About Me

I never know what to write on the about me section of anything. So, please bear with me here!

I have a degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in English-Writing and a minor in Psychology. I have lived the life of a military brat, only once ever living somewhere more than 3 years. Because of moving around all my childhood, I have learned to see the world through multiple perspectives, formulating my own unique views on thing. I am typically introverted and like to observe. This results in me spending a lot more time watching and listening than talking. (Though when I do talk, it’s usually about something I am passionate about.) I have seen and experienced many things that most people twice my age haven’t, so I guess this is just my way of sharing my thoughts on life and an array of other subjects falling under that category.


ON A MORE LIGHTHEARTED NOTE, here are some random facts about me:

1) I absolutely HATE the smell and taste of banana/artificial banana. It makes me gag. The only exception is banana chips. For this reason, I used to avoid (at ALL COSTS) feeding my nieces any baby food with bananas in it.

2) I can’t sleep without either a blanket or a sheet covering me. I don’t care if it’s scorching hot, over 100 degrees, or I’m sweating bullets. I won’t be able to get to sleep unless there is something covering at least part of me.

3) I have traveled to all but 1 permanently habitable continents.

4) I am married to a wonderful man who gets my nerdy jokes, puts up with my Harry Potter obsession, doesn’t care if I fart around him, and takes care of me in so many ways. 

5) Almost any of my bad moods or problems could be solved with Pringles and mozzerella sticks.

6) I used to not be able to take tests without singing or humming. (I remember my teachers complaining to my parents about this at parent-teacher conferences.) I also study better with music. Don’t ask me why.

7) I have an innate fascination with many random things. For instance: the vibration of guitar strings, facial hair on men, the Bubonic Plague, Brazil, Tesla coils.

8) I am a huge mental health activist. I also care very deeply about LGBTQIA+ issues, getting rid of ableism, and racial struggles. I stay very involved in the issues going on around me; however I let my actions and money and time do the speaking more often than not. I have a hard time finding my voice.

P.S. I don’t care if you call me a “special snowflake” because enough snowflakes will give you frostbite. 

I’m sure you will learn a lot more pertinent information about me through my blog post but there are the basic things you need to know! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy,


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