Bibliophile: My Love Of Books

Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid bibliophile. 

Bibliophile: a lover (phile) of books (biblio)

I have a huge collection of books. I’m regularly checking out other books from the library. I have a large purse solely for the purpose of being able to carry books with me everywhere. You’ll find me reading most of my free moments, particularly in doctors office waiting rooms, while waiting for my partner to get off work, at any family gatherings I choose to go to. My partner even got me a kindle this past Christmas so I wouldn’t have to carry large, heavy books around with me everywhere.

I devoured books from the second I could read. Even before then, I’d beg my brother, sisters, mom, dad, neighbors, daycare providers–basically anybody who would listen–to read to me. One of my proudest moments was the day I got…

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Coping With Body Image Issues Post-Surgery

This is probably one of the most vulnerable pieces I have written in a long time. I get extremely real about how my surgery and disability has affected my self-confidence recently. I don’t often talk about the struggles I have with my body-image. If you are also struggling, just know that you aren’t alone.

Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel

I’ve been struggling with my body image lately. I’m always hesitant to talk about my body image issues since I have been a mentor and role model to teenagers and my kiddo nieces. I have had to encourage them to improve their self-esteem, especially their body images. I feel like a hypocrite. I am going to be really vulnerable about these struggles I’ve tried to hide.

6 months ago, I had major spine surgery. I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS, and had to have a spinal cord stimulator, SCS, implanted in my body to mitigate this nerve disorder. The majority of my problems post-surgery have been the grueling physical recovery and adjusting to the stimuli of having an SCS. There has also been lingering pain at the surgery sites and the still-present problems caused by CRPS. (Unfortunately, the SCS does not take the CRPS away…

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I Won’t Be A Well-Behaved Woman

Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel

If you were assigned female at birth or you identify/present as a woman, you are told on a daily basis what you are expected to be. You need to be soft spoken, mild mannered, friendly to everyone. Have the perfect body. Cross your legs. Don’t take up too much space. Smile more. Put others’ needs before your own. Don’t demand too much. Get married and settle down with a nice man. Procreate. Basically be the perfectly well-behaved woman. We’ve heard it all before.

The truth is that I will never be what society wants me to be. 

I am too tall. I don’t have flawless skin. I’m too curvy and weigh too much. I like comic books, video games, pop culture. I’m too nerdy for my own good. I don’t want the white picket fence. I’m not straight; I’m bi. I’m certainly gender nonconforming. I hate dresses…

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Challenge: List as Many Happy Things As You Can in 5 Minutes

Hey all, I keep seeing challenges on the internet. As a non-Gen-Z-er, I find many of them weird and out of my comfort zone. (Not saying that they are all bad. Just not up my alley.) But, there are some really positive ones, like posting glow up photos, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and the … Continue reading Challenge: List as Many Happy Things As You Can in 5 Minutes

Chronic Pain: A Free-Form Poem

A life of chronic pain. A life of chronic pain means constantly having to cancel plans or explain why I am not enthusiastic being around people. Irritability. With every step, I cringe, blinking back the tears that I am trying to hide. Eight, Nine, Ten level pain. I shut my mouth and lie when people … Continue reading Chronic Pain: A Free-Form Poem

He Lied About Brain Cancer and Ruined My Sense of Trust

[Language warning: As I have young readers, I feel compelled to warn everybody that there will be a small amount of profanity throughout this post. There is no way to write this one without foul language. If you are sensitive to profanity, consider skipping this.] Believe it or not, this isn't clickbate.  All of this … Continue reading He Lied About Brain Cancer and Ruined My Sense of Trust