Can Spider-Man Survive Without the MCU?

We've all heard the news about tension and failed negotiations between Marvel and Sony. The two companies cannot come to an agreement about producing credit and profit splitting. As of now, Sony retains the film rights. Unless Marvel and Sony reach an agreement, Spider-Man is out of the MCU. This raises the serious question: Can … Continue reading Can Spider-Man Survive Without the MCU?

Hard Choices and Healing

This is going to be a shorter piece than usual because I am extremely pensive at the moment. TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and the mental ward.   Today, I intended on writing something really lighthearted. I wanted to write a fluff piece, something to take my mind off of the hard things … Continue reading Hard Choices and Healing

Chronic Pain: A Free-Form Poem

A life of chronic pain. A life of chronic pain means constantly having to cancel plans or explain why I am not enthusiastic being around people. Irritability. With every step, I cringe, blinking back the tears that I am trying to hide. Eight, Nine, Ten level pain. I shut my mouth and lie when people … Continue reading Chronic Pain: A Free-Form Poem

Life Goals Don’t Have to be Long-Term

When many people think of life, they think of something expansive that last multiple decades. They see dream jobs, pets, people, places they want to go. But generally, they see themselves happy and healthy. That is the standard that people strive towards. If you take away health and/or happiness though, things change. You start to … Continue reading Life Goals Don’t Have to be Long-Term