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Better Understanding Disability Using The Spoon Theory

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Love, Geeky Girl

By: Dani Kessel

Hi everyone. My name is Dani. I suffer from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, limited mobility, and at least 5 different diagnosable mental illnesses. This affects my daily life resulting in a different normal than those who are ablebodied and neurotypical. I am a spoonie.

Spoon·ie    noun


Plural noun: spoonies

  • Someone suffering from disability and chronic illness/es that can be explained with the spoon theory.

“my sister calls herself a spoonie”

The spoon theory is a metaphor created by Christine Miserandino for the energy and ability limitations that disabled folks live with. The idea is this: 

From waking up to falling asleep, every task throughout the day takes a certain number of spoons. Ablebodied, neurotypical folks have a nearly infinite number of spoons, so they don’t have to think about where their spoons go. Disabled folks have a finite number of spoons though…

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